Are you a super-recognizer?

Have you got a photographic memory? Are you part of the 2% of the population capable of keeping in their retinas 80% of the faces they see? People who are part of this group are called “super-recognizers” If you’d like to find out whether you are part of this select group of individuals,the University of Greenwich has got a test for you.

face recognise


“Super-recognizers” are on high demand as police officers, as these skills prove very useful in order to recognize people on low quality CCTV recordings.

The test has been designed by experts, and you have to observe a picture of a man and then attempt to  identify them in a group of another eight individuals. If you get 10 or more right you are a “super-recognizer”. It seems very easy but it´s not!  Would you like to try? Click here.

super recognisers



  • Retina (n) : the innermost coat of the back part of the eyeball that receives the image produced by the lens.
  • CCTV : closed-circuit television.
  • Score (n) : the record of points made by the players in a game or contest.

I’ve scored 7/14, what about you? Write in and let us know your score!

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One comment on “Are you a super-recognizer?
  1. Cynthia Klatte says:

    I took the longer face recognition test, the Cambridge Face Memory Test (CFMT), and scored 72 out of 72 correct! I am a super recognizer.

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