Are we lost in the world?

Moby’s most recent video is a mirror of this generation’s reality. The video is inspired by  Max Fleischer’s animations from the 1930s. Regardless of the old-fashioned  look of the video it describes the world we live in now, a world where everyone is distracted by their phones. It shows the lack of interaction between humans because everyone is glued to these devices, how technology is changing every aspect of our life, and how it can lead us over the edge right down into the abyss.

One of Moby’s priorities is the environment and human rights. In the video we see a cartoon Moby who seems pretty disturbed by the society he lives in. As he is wandering in the city  he sees that people have become like zombies because of their phone addiction. They are so busy documenting their lives on social media that  they don’t even realize the kind of world that surrounds them. It becomes a superficial life, and we hide the truth behind the screens.

A very strong criticism of society, don’t you think?  Do you share Moby’s view of the phone problem?  I think we all know someone who spends too much time, looking down at their phones-  connected in a way to someone, somewhere, but not to those people standing right in front of them. Maybe showing them Moby’s video is a good way to get them to switch off–  even if you show it to them on a phone, maybe they will get the hint!


  • Glued to something: To be unable to stop watching something
  • Abyss: Anything profound, unfathomable, or infinite
  • Switch off: To stop giving your attention to someone or something

How much time do you spend glued to your phone?

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