Angry customer uses her telekinetic powers at a café in NY

It’s Monday afternoon and you go to your favorite coffee shop to enjoy a nice cuppa on your break and catch up on some work. Or perhaps you just want to sit back and relax while reading that novel you are really hooked on lately. Then, suddenly an angry customer ruins it all… by using her telekinetic powers! Irritating, isn’t it? Or rather, terrifying, judging by the faces of the unaware  customers that happened to be in the establishment when all the supernatural trouble broke loose. In case you were wondering, this is a stunt and it is part of the promotion of the upcoming remake of 1976 film Carrie.


Cuppa: (British, informal) a cup of tea

Broke loose (from ‘all hell broke loose’): an idiom meaning that all sorts of wild or terrible things happened. “When the boss left early for the weekend, all hell broke loose”.

Stunt: anything spectacular or unusual done to gain publicity

What do you think of this prank? Does it make you want to go to see the film?

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