An incredible way to create big smiles

Magic Wheelchair is a nonprofit organization whose main aim is to make epic Halloween costumes for children in wheelchairs. This organization was created by Ryan Weimer, a dad who spent years building costumes for his three children with mobility problems. Out of his five kids, three of them have Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Weimer, who works as a nurse, created teams that spent a lot of time making these awesome costumes for children.


Kids who want to have their dream costume have to submit a 1-3 minute video, with their parents’ permission, telling the organization what they want to be for Halloween and the reason why they should be selected. Then, Magic Wheelchair selects 5 children and they start creating the wheelchair costume in time for Halloween! A group of volunteers are essential to the mission because costumes are expensive and because they spend a lot of time on each of them. They help in the organization, creation, making costumes, reaching out to kids, and making sure the end results do not disappoint.


The only thing they want to achieve with this service is to put a smile on the face of every child in a wheelchair by transforming them into an incredible superhero, pirate or whatever other creation from the children’s imagination.


  • Wheelchair (n): a chair mounted on wheels for use by persons who cannot walk because they are temporarily or permanently disabled.
  • Costume (n): style of dress typical of a particular nation, group, or historical period.
  • Disappoint (v): to fail to reach the expectations, hopes or wishes.

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2 comments on “An incredible way to create big smiles
  1. Astrid says:

    It is amazing how some people make the world a better place. A moving story.
    Thanks Go English!

    • Bea E. says:

      Thanks a lot for your comment Astrid! :) That’s what we should try to do one day at a time, to create big smiles and make people happier with small things :)

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