Alice Through the Looking Glass

For this month’s movie, we’ve chosen Alice Through the Looking Glass! Have you ever seen this movie?  It’s a great movie to show us the importance of time. It’s a colorful movie, with lively characters and it is suitable for everyone! What we love most about this movie is that it makes you think a bit and realise life’s short and we should focus on the present not the future nor the past. The characters say some very specific things about time.  Look here:


Time is a gift, that’s very true. Sometimes we take things for granted and when we don’t have them anymore we regret we didn’t make the most of those moments. The good thing is that, as we grow older, we begin to realise how valuable time is. Every year seems to pass by faster and faster.


Learning from our mistakes is necessary. Sometimes we make the same mistake over and over again. In the movie, you will see that changing the past is not a good idea. Have you ever wished to go back in time? Don’t! The past makes us stronger, wiser and we are what we are now thanks to our past! Learn how to learn from mistakes… and don’t feel bad, you have a bright future ahead of you!


Have you ever heard expressions like  “This mistake cost us time,” “I am wasting my time,” and “I am spending my time,” “This idea will save time”? We tend to associate time with money, but  the truth is that time is in fact  not the same as money. You can borrow money and pay it back, but you can’t borrow time nor get it back once you have lost it. Time is not your enemy, you just have to choose how to spend it wisely!


That’s very true! Time passes by, and  it won’t wait for anyone. So why don’t we do something different today? Something that you always wanted to do but haven’t done it yet? Time’s a wastin’!


  • Suitable: Acceptable or right to someone or something.
  • Borrow: To get or receive something from someone with the intention of giving it back after a period of time.
  • Time’s a wastin’: Time is running out; It’s getting late.

What’s your favorite time quote?

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