A water slide is coming to town!

The summer heat can be felt here in Spain already, so much so that I wouldn’t mind a bit of water fun this weekend, would you?  Putting down a big plastic sheet in the back garden and playing in the sun, I am pretty sure all of you would probably have done it in the school summer holidays, but this would be a completely different experience;  so if you are lucky enough to live in, or are going to go this summer to the US or the UK you might find this 1.000 ft. Urban water slide there. Would you dare to try it?

If you believe in the laws of physics, you might find this water slide a bit risky but the fact is that this thrill-seeker’s ride is a phenomenon currently taking over cities in North America – a horizontal water slide so long that streets have to be shut to fit it into any big urban center.  Slide The City stretches out for almost a quarter of a mile – 1,000ft.

Slide the city has already been seen in Bristol, in an event organized by the artist Luke Jerran, it was a hugely popular event which was oversubscribed by almost 300 times the maximum amount of people. Mr Jerram came up with the idea for the project, which he describes as a “playful response to the urban landscape” during last year’s summer heat wave.  The American smash-hit family attraction hits the European shores this summer and gives riders the chance to throw themselves down the flume on an inflatable tube.

This massive water slide will be also touring the UK. Don´t miss out and check out here if it is coming to your hometown in the near future.

slide the city


  • Put down (v): to move (anything) into a specific location or position.
  • Thrill-seeker (adj): someone who islooking for a sudden sensation of excitement and pleasure.
  • Stretch (v): to spread out fully.
  • Flume (n): a deep narrow passage containing a stream or torrent.

What is summer fun like in your hometown? Let us know in the comments!

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