So you’re back from your holidays and you feel that something is not right, that ou are in the wrong place. Feeling a bit down and moody? Looking at the bright side of things, that probably means that you had an amazing summer. On a not so happy note, you might be suffering from post-vacation blues, a mild short-term depression very common both in children and adults when having to face the return to their daily routine.

Don’t worry, no need to rush to the shrink. Taking a few steps to change certain typical post-holiday attitudes will make the transition to work and “normal” life a bit easier.

port vacation

By the way, did you have a good holiday?  What did you do?




A few useful words…

Blues: a feeling of depression or deep unhappiness

Moody: Unwilling to talk or be sociable. It can also mean temperamental or changeable

Shrink: Slang for psychiatrist

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