A happy life

We all deserve a happy life . Yes, we all have a different definition of happiness. One thing is sure, having a happy life is maybe not such a  difficult thing: the problem is that we tend to forget what matters. Did you know that happiness is contagious? It has a domino effect. If one person is happy it will spread to their friends and family over the long term. This effect has been proven.


We know life is not easy but the secret is to keep moving forward! When things don’t turn as expected, don’t let yourself get down, keep fighting. If you are both optimistic and realistic  you won’t  let bad events bring you down.


Good news! Everyone can be happy. Researchers have found that more than half of our happiness depends on things that are actually under our control.

Here are our best advice for living a happy life. Take note!

Don’t burn bridges

Every relationship in your life is important, so don’t push people away. You never know when you might need them.

Don’t beat yourself up about a mistake

That is not going to solve anything, the mistake has  already been made. It is time to accept it and move on. We all learn from mistakes.

Love your body

Take care of yourself, you only have one  body to last you your whole life. Eat healthy, exercise, take care of your skin. Feeling good about yourself is the first step to having a better life.

Don’t rip yourself into pieces to keep others whole

Sometimes we are unable to say NO just because we want to please others and we forget that if we don’t want to do something we don’t have to. Don’t let others take advantage of you, you have control of your life.

Don’t let fear dominate you

Fear can act in two ways, as a motivator or as a freezer. Try to let it act as a motivator, you don’t want fear dominating your life.

Keep  trying to achieve your goals.

Never give up. It’s like climbing a mountain– arriving at the top will be completely worth it.

Surround yourself with good people

Don’t waste time with people that are only bringing the negative to your life. YOu need to get those people out of your life for good.


Keep in mind that happiness does matter. It’s the main ingredient in the recipe to follow to improve our lives. We have just one life to live and we need to make the best of it!


  • Beat yourself up: To blame or criticize yourself
  • Rip: To pull appart
  • Give up: Stop trying
  • Get down: be sad or blue

Any other advice to share?

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