4 Safaris to visit!

Africa sounds like a good idea: Its unique fauna and exotic landscapes are perfect for those travelers looking for new locations. There are loads of options that can fit different expectations and budgets. The most popular option is going on a safari. Safaris are perfect because each one is a unique experience. maybe it rains, maybe the animals appear, maybe they don’t- you never know what you’ll see! Today we want to share 4 safaris you can’t miss out on!


On the island of Nosy Ankao, you can take an helicopter to see the whales on a blue safari. On the other hand, ashore, you can undertake a journey to the forests of the island to see golden bamboo lemurs.




The Republic of Zambia is becoming a very popular destination. Visit the beach of Lake Malawi or Victoria Falls,  see the sunset over  the African plain, and enjoy different walking tours that are designed to raise environmental awareness.


lake malawi

Serengeti National Park

In the Serengeti you take a hot air balloon ride, and see animals and the fauna the park has to offer forma bird’s eye view!


serengeti 2

Kruger Park

A safari you can’t miss! You will be able to see the animals in the most exclusive private reserves of this famous park. Have fun watching elephants, lions, leopards, gazelles and rhinos and enjoy dinners around bonfires under stars!





  • Ashore: On land rather than at sea or on the water
  • Awareness:Knowledge that something exists, or understanding of a situation.
  • Bonfires: A large fire that is made outside

Have you ever been to Africa?

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    Thank you so much for the article. It is really captivating and worth reading, the language is easy and rich, by the way, I feel a great desire to visit all the places. The article is cool because some words are explained.

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