2017 Goals

New year, new goals! Right? Whenever a new year arrives, we start planning new goals, trips, plans and just new stuff we want to do for the new upcoming year! Now, think for a moment: How many of those goals did you achieve this year?

Maybe none of them, maybe some or if you were really committed…All of them! Well, that’s great :) Well done!

But if you did not achieve all your goals last year or maybe none of them at all, you should keep it simple this year. Think of 5 major goals and be focused on achieving them this year!  We are sure you can do it!

Lots of people have the goal of being healthier. Today, we want to encourage you to keep it that way! Why? Check out this video, it will tell you what the best single thing is to put your health first:

This year make your health the priority. Time flies and we only have one body. When you start taking care of your health, you’ll start seeing changes that will make you feel better and this in turn will keep you motivated.


  • Achieve: To succeed in finishing something
  • Encourage:To give support to.

Let’s go- work out more in 2017!


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