“Spectacles” by Snapchat


Once again, Snapchat has decided to surprise us. This time, with their brand new glasses “ Spectacles”. Where to buy them? Well, it’s not that simple. Keep reading to understand what I mean! First of all, what is so special

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It’s Thanksgiving Day!


The countdown to Thanksgiving has started-  just a few hours left! If you are hosting a get together, well, we got you covered! Today we have some Thanksgiving recipes for you to fall back on. And don’t forget  the importance

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Expedition 196


Cassandra De Pecol had two major goals: To be the first documented woman to travel to all the sovereign nations on the planet and to be the fastest person to travel to all 196 nations (which means making the trip

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Emma Watson’s latest role: The book fairy!


A couple of days ago, Emma Watson decided to join the books on the underground initiative, the aim of which is to encourage people to read. This time, the actress decided to spread her feminist point of view by hiding

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Social Media and Children


Nowadays, parents are constantly posting pictures of their children on their social media. It’s understandable, they are happy and proud parents and they want everyone to see their beautiful children! But what happens when their children grow up? Are they

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